MODE360 FA90 Jumbo

MODE360 FA90 Jumbo it’s an ultimate device setting out development directions in E-Commerce market globally.

MODE360 FA90 Jumbo Makes Product Photography Automated

MODE360 FA90 Jumbo it’s an ultimate device setting out development directions in E-Commerce market globally.It’s a precursor of the integrated shadow less chambers for product photography. Thanks to FA90 Jumbo you are able to shoot a perfect packshot, 360 degree animation or video.

FA90 Jumbo it’s an ultramodern and compact construction that comes with highest quality LED lights with the light temperature 5700 K and CRI 95+.

Thanks to inbuilt 3D Arm product photography steps into completely new level teleporting your products into third dimension. To take advantage of those capabilities the only things you need are computer with OS or Windows system and DSLR. Making one single photo takes less than 1 s and making 360 animation/vide takes approximately 30 s.

Mode360 Jumbo V3 2019

Our devices are perfect for both individual and business users where photography is used for products like leather products, Consumer electronic, electronics, toys, tools.

Mode360 Jumbo V3 2019

MODE360 FA90 Jumbo Main features

  1. Perfect solution for products up to 55x55 cm
  2. Modevid takes control over device and DSLR at the same time.
  3. Moving 3D Arm with the precision adjustment knob allows you to shot object even bigger than 50 cm
  4. Automatic algorithm for Background Removal BGR
  5. Probably the best algorithm on market for Super Focus developed in association of scientist from Technical Universities in Poland. Super Focus tool allows you to make perfectly sharp photos while using aperture f6.3!
  6. 3 years of unlimited warranty.

MODE360 FA90 Jumbo Main Benefits

  • Perfect product visualisation
  • Increasing your sales conversion
  • Innovative way of presenting your products
  • Quick return on investment
  • Significant increase in work efficiency
  • Enhancing your competetitive advantages
  • No hidden costs
  • User friendly and intuitive interface
  • Free initial training upon purchase
  • Substantive support even after the warranty expires.

Basic set contains*

  • MODE360° Jumbo
  • MODEViD Software
  • USB and Power cables
  • Calibration laser

* DSLR is not included in the sales set