DIY Product Photography

product photograph example

There are many ways to take photographs and even with the advances in technology a mobile phone can take a pretty good shot. However due to all the research that supports the importance of having a perfect image why cut corner.

The image above shows the issues that can be faced when trying to get the perfect shot of a product and as you can see the focal point will differ depending on what part of the product is in focus.

Now take a look at the image below, which is shot using our automated stack method with takes photography to a new level.

product photograph example

Understanding Focal Points On Rotating Tables

When a product is spinning around on a table allowing you take multiple images of each angle the issue arises with focal points and this is something that our automated product photography manages to deal with providing you with the best images available.

DIY Product Photography Light Boxes

diy product photography box

Random DIY Product Photography Examples

poor product photography